What hand do you wear your golf glove on?

 There are loads of different golf accessories out there that all the pros will claim helped them be brilliant. Of all the various things you can buy, a golf glove is one of the most popular. Regardless of your handicap, you’ll see everyone on the course donning at least one golf glove during their rounds. 

When it comes to buying golf gloves, you have a couple of big questions to ask. Most notably, what hand do you wear your golf glove on? Are there any strict rules or can you just do whatever feels right? 

Wear Your Golf Glove On Your Non-Dominant Hand

How do you play golf? Are you playing right-handed or left-handed? Whichever hand you use, your golf glove will go on the opposite one. This isn’t a strict rule, but it is traditionally what most pros and experts recommend. 

The main reason people do this is to improve their grip on the club. Likewise, a golf glove can prevent blisters when you’re playing for ages. By wearing the glove on your non-dominant hand, you have it on the hand that’s more in contact with the club’s grip. 

Of course, personal preference comes into play too. If you hate wearing a golf glove on your non-dominant hand, then don’t! Nobody will kick you off the course for wearing one on your dominant hand, or for wearing a glove on each. Do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable! 

What Are The Best Golf Gloves To Wear?

In truth, this depends on different factors. Primarily, you need to take the weather and climate into account. This is because the best golf glove in hot/humid conditions won’t necessarily be the best one when it’s cold or wet. 

For example, the best type of glove material in warm conditions is mesh. This offers a breathable, anti-sweat option for players. The mesh material keeps your hands cool and stops them from getting super clammy, which would cause your grip to become slippery and loose. 

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to wear a mesh glove when it’s cold. Instead, you want a glove that offers more grip and retains heat, so your hands don’t get too chilly. Here, it’s better to wear leather or sheepskin gloves. Ideally, you want to find a waterproof material as well, just in case it rains. Otherwise, your glove will get wet and be rendered useless. 

So, there you have it; it is common practice to wear your golf glove on your non-dominant hand. The glove grip improves your grip on the club, potentially making your strokes more accurate. However, you can decide what hand to wear your glove on, or if you want more than one glove. It comes down to personal preference and what feels right for you. Similarly, be sure to get different golf gloves for different climates to continue to see the benefits. In warm weather, opt for more breathable materials. In cold weather, find gloves that offer more grip and extra warmth for your hands.


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