What is a Low Lofted Golf Club?

 Every golfer has the same goal, which is to hit the ball as high and as far as they can.

The lofts on a golf club have a big effect on how much spin and launch the ball gets, which in turn affects how far the ball goes.

What is the loft on a golf club?

The loft of a golf club refers to the angle formed between the clubface and the ground when viewed from above.

You might think of the loft as the amount that the clubface is angled upwards relative to the shaft, or you can think of it as the amount that the top portion of the clubface is angled back relative to the shaft.

A low lofted golf club has a face that is much more vertical than a high-lofted golf club. This means that the ball travels at a lower height when it is struck by the club.

You can change your loft even more by changing the angle at which your wrists are placed. Different shots require different trajectories, which is why manufacturers of golf clubs create models with a variety of lofts.

The driver has the least amount of loft of all the golf clubs, with the exception of the putter. In addition to this, they are the longest club in the bag, with an average length of 45 inches.

`Who benefits from a low lofted golf club?

Golfers who have a faster swing speed and an angle of attack that is more positive (which creates more dynamic loft) are frequently better suited to drivers that are on the lower end of the loft spectrum.


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