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Learn the easiest way to score a golf game step by step.

  ​​Golf features a rather uncomplicated scoring system. Following each hole, you are required to make a note of the number of shots it took you to finish that hole. After you have completed your round, you will obtain your gross score for the 18 holes by adding up the scores you received on each hole individually. A golfer of average skill should be able to complete each hole within the allotted number of shots, which is referred to as the par. There are three different levels of difficulty for holes: par 3, par 4, and par 5. When playing a hole that is rated as a par 3, the player is required to finish the hole in three strokes (par), which should ideally include reaching the green from the tee and completing the hole with two putts. When playing a hole with a par 4, you are required to reach the green with two shots and then finish the hole with two putts. It takes a player three shots to get to the green on a par 5 and then two putts to complete the hole. Par 5s are the longest hol

Golf Club Distances: How Far Should I Be Hitting My Golf Ball?

  Today we answer the myth about golf club distances and how far the average golfer should hit a golf ball. This is a question that most beginner and average golfers want to know. Well, let's see if we can get those questions answered. We will take you through the golf clubs one by one with as much detail as possible.                                                                 Golf Driver Your golf driver is used to hit the ball of a tee for holes that have a long distance. Your driver is a very essential golf club and the selection of which club to purchase shouldn't be taken lightly. With the golf driver off of the tee you can hit 250-300 yards, the average golfer would be hitting more at 250 yards. A beginning golfer would be hitting a little lower, probably around 210 yards.   3-Wood                                                                              The next club we will discuss is you 3-wood, this club is the most versatile club in your bag in that it can be