Learn the easiest way to score a golf game step by step.

 ​​Golf features a rather uncomplicated scoring system. Following each hole, you are required to make a note of the number of shots it took you to finish that hole. After you have completed your round, you will obtain your gross score for the 18 holes by adding up the scores you received on each hole individually.

A golfer of average skill should be able to complete each hole within the allotted number of shots, which is referred to as the par. There are three different levels of difficulty for holes: par 3, par 4, and par 5. When playing a hole that is rated as a par 3, the player is required to finish the hole in three strokes (par), which should ideally include reaching the green from the tee and completing the hole with two putts. When playing a hole with a par 4, you are required to reach the green with two shots and then finish the hole with two putts. It takes a player three shots to get to the green on a par 5 and then two putts to complete the hole. Par 5s are the longest holes on the course.

In golf, there are also specific designations for scores that are lower or higher than the standard for a single hole. On a par 4 course, for instance, taking five shots is considered one stroke over par, which is referred to as a "bogey." "Double bogey" refers to a score of six strokes. A "birdie" is a score that is one stroke better than par (for example, a score of 2 on a par 3). If you are able to beat the standard score by two strokes, you will have made an eagle. The objective is to play well enough to get pars, birdies, and eagles while staying away from bogeys, double bogeys, and worse scores.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) use a method known as Equitable Stroke Control for its handicapping purposes. This method assists in mitigating the negative consequences that are caused by disaster holes. These should be changed when the round is over, and the highest score you may get on each hole is determined by your handicap.

Hints and Tips for Keeping Score:

  1. While you are playing a hole, keep track of the number of shots you take so that you will not have to do so after you have finished.

  1. To prevent yourself from losing track of your score, always jot it down as soon as you finish each hole.

  1. There are apps for mobile phones as well as other tools that might assist you in keeping score.

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