What Are The Different Types Of Golf Balls?

     When you walk out on the golf course, do you ever ask yourself, am I using the right golf ball? Did you know that, generally there are four types of golf balls? In this blog we will go over the different types of balls, and at what point should you use any one of these balls. The four type of balls are: 1. Tour Performance 2. Tour Value 3. Straight Distance, and 4. Soft Distance. Let’s go over the differences between each.

Tour Performance- These balls are used by the best tour level golfers. The ball features multiple layers, and it delivers optimal distance, increased spin and feel. Each layer can increase the ball’s distance based on the golfers swing speed. This is a ball often used by scratch golfers, and like I said earlier, it compliments your swing speed.  

Tour Value- Although similar to its counterpart the intriguing Tour Performance, the Tour Value balls come at a less expensive price. The Tour Value ball is manufactured with less layers, which in turn will give you a slightly less spin on the ball. The better golfer would lean more toward the balls in the Tour Performance category, rather than the Tour Value due to the better performance of the former. Golf ball layers play a big part in how the ball carries in relation to your swing speed. 

Straight Distance-  This is a ball designed to give you maximum distance, based on your golf swing speed, and proper club selection. This is a much cheaper selection in comparison to the tour balls, and will give you a much straighter carry on the ball. However, this type of ball won't give you much assistance with your short distances. Built with a large core and thin outer layer, this ball is designed to give a golfer maximum carry.

Soft Distance- These golf balls also allow for increased distance and are easier to control. Therefore, the golfer has the added compliment of being able to put an added spin on the ball. These balls are used by most golfers to tee off, because they gains the most distance and are easy to manipulate so they can fly straighter. The Soft ball is a slower ball, and is formulated for golfers with a slow swing speed. Because of this, it is not usually used on the PGA Tour.

Thank you for reading! I hope this information was helpful to your golf game, and will allow you to 


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