Different Kinds of Golf Tees, What the best tee for a beginner.

 Golf tees allow golfers to have more success in their game. When a golfer strikes a ball from the turf, there’s no room for error. However, striking from a golf tee, at a height, makes precision much easier. That being said, the best golf tee for your style will give you an advantage when you play. So, what are the best golf tees for beginners?

Wooden Tees

Wooden tees are easy to drive into the ground so you won’t have to waste time positioning your tee while other golfers patiently wait behind you. Wooden professional tee systems are the leading choice on PGA tours so you can be sure you’re choosing a product that’s efficient and effective, enough so that the professionals use them.

Wooden tees also offer a consistency in height so you’ll always be swinging at the same height whenever you play. The downside to these tees is that they can break easily so you may have to repeat buy and painted wood can transfer the paint onto your clubs.

Plastic Tees

Plastic tees are simple but effective. They’re often more durable than wooden tees so you can use them more than once and they aren’t painted so they won’t transfer any stains to your clubs. They can come in a variety of bright colors so you’re unlikely to lose your tees if they’re knocked away or dropped.

The height doesn’t always offer the same consistency as wooden tees and they aren’t often good value for money.

Bamboo Tees

Bamboo is a strong material so you’re likely to find that these tees stand the test of time. The material is also biodegradable so you’ll be having a positive impact on the environment. The design of most bamboo tees is simple so if you like more creative and colorful designs, you may need to look elsewhere.

Bamboo also tends to fly when it’s hit so if you lose a tee you may have difficulty finding it. These tees can be expensive but they’re worth it for the environmental factor.

4 or 5 Prong Head Tees

These tees have pronged heads to increase the distance the ball can travel. The aim of prong head tees is for as little of the tee to touch the ball as possible. If you’re working on your distance, these tees can help you reach your goals. However, some golfers have reported that it can be difficult to balance the ball properly on these tees.

Choosing a Beginner Tee

The more rounds of golf you play, the easier it will become to identify the tees that work best for you. As a beginner, it can help to choose tees that drive well into the turf and are bright enough to find when you lose them. It also helps to look for tees that can be easily adjusted once they’re in the turf. The height of your tee will also make a huge difference. The average height is between 2.5 and 4 inches so finding what works for you is important.


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